Coming soon: more of my own videos

Dear readers,

First, let me thank you for coming to my site.  It’s been a wonderful ride so far.  YouTube never ceases to amaze me, so it’s hardly a task for me to follow its developments everyday.  I’ve been most impressed with the creativity of so many different people–all amateur creators–on YouTube.  It’s inspiring.  So, this month, I hope to create several more videos of my own.  (During the school year, it’s tough to do so, but I managed to create a couple last year, see here.)  The first in the next line of videos I hope to unveil soon. 

I plan to make a few videos about YouTube, chronicling the stuff I’ve been following on this blog.  But I also may do some other videos that are about completely different things.  Please feel free to send me ideas for videos at utubeblog [at] 

But just remember, I’m a novice. One last thing: my video making may mean that, at least for a short time, my blog posting diminishes.  Stay tuned.  And thanks again!

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