Are you sick of the media coverage of Paris Hilton?

June 28, 2007

News:  Sen. Dodd is up this week for YouTube’s Spotlight.  He takes a back-handed slap at Hillary Clinton for using her YouTube spotlight question to ask people to select her campaign song.  (Turns out that video was the most watched video on YouTube of all the candidate videos.  What does this say about democracy?)    Dodd wants the media to focus on the real issues that people care about.  Stop focusing on Paris Hilton, or John Edwards’ haircuts. 

Tony Blair leaves office on YouTube

June 28, 2007

Whether you agreed or disagreed with his policies, Tony Blair has left his mark at least in one respect:  he’s the most powerful elected official of a country to regularly post videos on YouTube.   He’s the YouTube King Prime Minister.  Here’s why:

Hitwise survey: YouTube dominates US video market

June 28, 2007

NewsLatest survey from Hitwise (which measures unique visitors to a site) shows YouTube with 60.2% of the U.S. traffic in May.

MySpace was second at 16.08% of the traffic.  Google Video, 7.8%. Yahoo, 2.77%.  MSN, 2.09%.

This means that YouTube has more U.S. traffic than the next 64 competitors in the market combined!

Analysis: For the companies looking for a “YouTube killer,” good luck.

Sneak peak (funny) at iPhone

June 28, 2007

Analysis: I haven’t tested this out yet (it doesn’t come out until June 29 at 6 p.m.), but I think the biggest question is the lack of a buttoned keyboard for people who use Blackberrys and text messages. Have you ever been to a Panera Bread store and watched their cashiers use a pen cap to type on the keyboard screen? That’s the problem.  And there’s the cost.