YouTube users revolt over categories design change

News: In June, YouTube announced several changes to the site. Some vocal YouTube users have been very unhappy with one of the changes: YouTube’s removal of the “most viewed,” “most discussed,” “top favorited” search indicators when you conduct a search by one of the subject matter categories, such as music or entertainment. Instead, YouTube now gives only the Editor’s pick. See the photo below. The only way you can search for “most viewed” etc. is under the “Browse” feature, but that doesn’t break anything down by category.  The controversy is so big it just hit the New York Times.


Analysis: I don’t like the change, either. It’s fine if YouTube wants to add Editor’s picks, but removing the other search features (by Most Viewed, etc.) within the categories just doesn’t make sense to me. For example, I used to scroll through the 100 Most Viewed Musicians on YouTube, but now I can’t. It’s gone.

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