NBC’s Age of Love on YouTube

I’ve been writing about reality TV recently, so was interested to see this promo.  Is this really what TV has degenerated to?

3 Responses to NBC’s Age of Love on YouTube

  1. We’ll, it got me listening: does anyone know who sings the last song in this trailer? Please email me at song@letstalk.dk

    Thanks in advance!

  2. milowent says:

    you are right to highlight this one. i think i threw up in my mouth a little watching this promo.

  3. Jilli says:

    So, aree people angry –because it is older women vs. younger women???
    I was surprised as a 42yr. old that I might have actually been like the,(20’s )during my twenties! Shallow as hell, and really depending on my looks —period! I guess it does show, our twenties is not who we will become…I started a multi-million doller company at 26…but, now I am a divorced mom of three–who, looks better than I have ever looked, personality plus at 42! I was gooey and hopeful in my twenties…Now, I am just me,

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