Say It’s Possible, Terra Naomi, now on iTunes – 99 cents

June 12, 2007

UPDATE: Terra Naomi’s single is now available on iTunes for 99 cents. You can get the full version and the acoustic version. You can listen to the entire song here. I’ve already purchased mine. Please consider supporting Terra!

As I’ve written already, we all can show the music industry that more amateurs from YouTube and the Internet deserve a chance. Terra’s done her part. Now, it’s our turn. 99 cents, that’s all it takes. You can help change the music industry forever — and for the better.

Official single

Acoustic version

Four Eyed Monsters – first movie to hit YouTube (showing through June 15)

June 12, 2007

News:  Four Eyed Monsters is the first full-length film on YouTube.  Here’s one summary of the movie, a Sundance Channel award winner: “The movie is based on the relationship of its creators, Arin Crumley and Susan Buice, who met online in 2002 with the rule that neither of them would speak in person. Rather, they spent four months getting to know each other through drawings, videos and instant messaging (on top of the usual ways couples get to know each other). In 2004 the film was accepted into the SlamDance film festival and subsequently toured 20 other festivals, picking up awards and – apparently – a mountain of credit card debt.”

The film will be free here on YouTube until June 15.  I haven’t had a chance to watch the flick yet, but it sounds interesting.  I don’t know if it ever got a MPAA rating, but there’s some discussion of sex and dating, for what it’s worth.

So who’s on YouTube?: French news channel France 24

June 12, 2007

You can find France 24 on YouTube here in French, here in Arabic, and here in English.

The YouTube Democratic Party presidential debate, July 23rd

June 12, 2007

News: July 23rd will mark the first of the Democratic Party’s presidential debates this summer. It’s co-sponsored by YouTube and CNN. It already is shaping up to be an historic event. YouTube users will be asked to send in video questions on YouTube before the debate, some of which apparently will be played during the debate. As CNN’s Anderson Cooper said, “I’m going to host it, but, basically, it is going to be your questions and your YouTube videos the candidates are going to have to sit through and watch. So make them creative.” (More)

Meanwhile, The New York Times blog discusses how the presidential candidates can “flood the zone” on YouTube and neutralize negative videos with a bunch of other videos. (More)

Analysis: The Democratic Party presidential debate should be interesting to watch, particularly with its use of YouTube videos. Sounds like an episode of Jeopardy. Getting a video may be Double Jeopardy.

Steve Chen in Taiwan: YouTube on cellphones by year’s end

June 12, 2007

News:  Taiwanese American Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube, spoke at a conference of tech leaders in Taiwan.  Chen said YouTube will be on cellphones by year’s end, and he suggested the possibility of a Taiwanese YouTube.  According to one report, Chen also spoke about Web 3.0:  “Chen said the Internet was moving from the so-called Web 2.0 era — user-generated content in a user-oriented environment — to the Web. 3.0 era, in which users are no longer tied to their PCs, while enjoying much more personalized and individualized content and services on the go.”