Say It’s Possible, Terra Naomi countdown: 48 24 hours on sale today!

June 9, 2007

UPDATE, Monday, June 11: This is not an ad. This is a request for support. Please consider supporting Terra Naomi, the first musician from YouTube to break through with a major label. She did it with her magical, uplifting song, “Say It’s Possible,” which goes on sale today. You can listen to the entire song here. The official video is below.

I think the song’s beauty speaks for itself. Let me just add this: the music industy is filled with dinosaurs who can be pretty settled in their ways. Because YouTube is new and different, some music industry reps still harbor some skepticism about signing amateur artists from YouTube. As one exec said, “Strong online popularity doesn’t necessarily translate to real sales.”

That’s where we come in. Terra Naomi has opened a door for other amateur artists by showing to the music industry there’s talent to be discovered on the Internet. Terra’s done her part. Now, it’s our turn. We have the power to break that door down, so the music industry cannot ignore all the unsigned talent out there any longer.

You can buy Terra’s single from Island Records here

(.79 English pound, which I think converts to $1.55 US dollar). There’s even a promotion where you can get the track for free if you register.  The single is now available for 99 cents on iTunes (US site), in both full and acoustic versions.