So who’s on YouTube: Russia TV

June 4, 2007

News: YouTube’s influence continues to grow, now in Russia. “For us, the agreement with YouTube is the chance to widen audience of our channel by hundreds of thousand users of Internet, for whom, watching TV on the computer monitor is more habitual and comfortable,” said Russia Today Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan. (more)


YouTube goes local, gets deal with Hearst-Argyle TV

June 4, 2007

News: YouTube announced a partnership deal with Hearst-Argyle TV, which own TV stations in Boston, Sacramento, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Manchester, N.H. The local programming from TV will find further life on YouTube. (more)

MTV Award for Best User-Generated Movie Spoof: United 300

June 4, 2007

For the finalists, go here.