Apple TV will run YouTube videos, sort of

May 30, 2007

News: Calling YouTube a “worldwide sensation,” Steve Jobs said the new Apple TV (which lets people play anything on iTunes on a TV) will run YouTube videos with a June software update. Unfortunately, the videos are selected by Apple for access. Apparently, the full library of YouTube videos won’t be available until the fall. (More here and here)

Analysis: Someone has already developed a plug-in for Apple TV to make it run YouTube videos. See the video below and the website for A Series of Tubes. I’m not sure if it’s better what Apple will be offering.

I did test out the Apple TV this past weekend.  It didn’t have YouTube capability, and I’m still not sure how good YouTube videos will look on a large screen.  The resolution of most YouTube videos is made for a small screen.  When you blow it up, it could be much more blurry.   (More here)   Fortune Magazine writer Brent Schlender has already called the Apple TV a failure.

YouTube down in Morocco

May 30, 2007

News:  Since May 25, YouTube has been unavailable in Morocco.  Some people in Morocco suggest that the government has blocked the site due to videos critical of Morocco’s actions in Western Sahara.  But the state owned Internet service provider says it’s just a technical glitch, while the government has no comment.  (More)