Esmee Denters update

May 29, 2007

News: After 24 hours, the Esmee Denters-Justin Timberlake video on YouTube has hit the following marks (at around 2 pm):

1st Top Favorited video (today)

3rd Most viewed (recently) – 102,685 views in 24 hours

2nd Most Top Rated (today) – 1,550 ratings near 4 1/2 stars

2nd Most Discussed (today) – 1537 comments

UPDATE 2 (at 8 p.m.)

1st Top Favorited video (today)

3rd Most viewed (recently) – 221,557 views in a little over 1 day

3nd Most Top Rated (today) – 2,176 ratings near 4 1/2 stars

1st Most Discussed (today) – 2227 comments

2nd Most Linked (today) – 68,409 links

YouTube testing new, sleeker video player

May 29, 2007

News:  The blogosphere is buzzing with news that YouTube is testing a new, sleeker video player.  The new player will do something that Google’s video player already does right now:  you can fast forward immediately to any part of the video (you don’t have to wait for progressive downloading anymore).  Also, the new player has a very sleek looking user interface that gives you thumbnail screen shots of “Related videos” flashed across the bottom of the screen of the video you are watching.  You can see the new look here and here.

Analysis:  I’ve been waiting for the fast forward function to be improved on YouTube, since Google already had that capability (using an updated version of Flash video).  The addition of screenshots of Related videos at the bottom of the video screen looks way cool.   

YouTube hires music editor

May 29, 2007

News:  YouTube hired a music editor, Michele Ktel, to help manage YouTube’s growing music presence.  Here’s how she described her new position:  “I’ll be working hard to make sure that YouTube is the music destination you expect it to be, and I’ll be launching a few new channels to make it even easier for music fans to track down their favorite videos and discover new ones (with plans to include a few highly original sock-monkey serenades). Think of me as the one-stop-record-shop for YouTube’s music community.” You can email her at  (More)

Analysis:  Another sign of YouTube’s impact on different industries.  The new position makes a lot of sense.  If you’ve been reading this blog, you know there’s a lot of music talent to be found on YouTube.