Stevie Ryan, aka “Little Loca” on YouTube, gets show on CW

May 21, 2007

News: OK, she’s only hosting a talk show about user-generated videos on the CW network (yes, exactly, where’s that?), but it’s still big news when YouTube users migrate over to the big media world. More here
Stevie’s got several different characters on YouTube — stevieryan, littleloca, The Real Paris, and Oolalaa.

Terra Naomi, mini-documentary, Part 4

May 21, 2007

Terra Naomi talks about her days as a student studying classical opera. It’s a time when Terra started doing drugs with a bunch of drug-addicted musicians in Detroit. She eventually went home to her parents and collapsed–they took her to rehab.  Terra vowed never to go back to that low point in her life.

The opera training explains a lot. That’s one thing that is distinctive about Terra’s voice. She sometimes sings soprano in her songs, and it’s so pleasant to listen to. (You can hear her range in “In The Summertime,” for example.)