The Pirate Bay to launch unregulated YouTube competitor at the

May 20, 2007

News:   The Pirate Bay (great name!) will be launching a video site at to compete with YouTube, only it will supposedly be pretty much unregulated and uncensored.  Everything will be left up to users.  No DMCA notices.  No copyright police. The site is still in beta.  (More)

Analysis: These are the kind of websites that should give big media pause before they think YouTube is their enemy.  It may turn out to be in big media’s best interest to have YouTube the most popular video site.

YouTube founders bet on user-generated content over big media

May 20, 2007

News:  Here’s the highlight from the recent AP interview with YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.  YouTube is betting on user-generated content (not big media productions) to be the mainstay of their business:

“What our users want to watch is themselves,” he said. “They don’t want to watch professionally produced content. There are so many people with cameras that have the opportunity to create their own content and so many more people with editing tools to tell their stories, we feel this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Because of its emphasis on grainy, homemade videos, YouTube isn’t worried about the efforts of NBC Universal and News Corp. to launch their own Internet video channel. Nor are they concerned about another site, Joost, which has gained the backing of major media companies like Viacom and CBS. Those alternatives all seem interested in providing slick, lengthy videos akin to traditional television programming rather than invading YouTube’s niche of serving up two- to three-minute clips, Hurley said. “We have never been about full-length programming. We have never been about high quality. We don’t really see ourselves building the largest audience by moving in that direction.”

Hollywood movies adopting YouTube look

May 20, 2007

News:  Chicago Tribune movie critic Michael Phillips has an interesting suggestion: he says that some Hollywood movies are trying to emulate the home-made, user-generated look of YouTube videos.  28 Weeks Later, 93 United, Bloody Sunday, and the the upcoming The Bourne Ultimatum have it.

Analysis:  Of course, the Blair Witch project had it, even before YouTube existed!