Terra Naomi wins 2006 YouTube Award for music

March 26, 2007

News:  YouTube announced its 2006 YouTube Awards after one week of voting.  I was away all last week, but here’s how I think the winners were selected.  I believe YouTube selected the 10 finalists for each category and allowed 1 week of voting online.  The winners were announced today and the runners up.  You can see the winners here and all the runners up in each categoryl here.  The winners were:

Best Music VideoTerra Naomi, “Say It’s Possible”

Most Creative Video OK Go, on Treadmills

Most InspirationalFree Hugs Campaign 

Most AdorableKiwi!

Best Series: Ask a Ninja

Best CommentaryThe Winekone, Hotness Prevails

Best Comedy: Smosh 2, Stranded

Analysis:  I’m surprised Lonelygirl15 wasn’t up for voting.  I don’t really follow the series, but it seems like a huge omission for YouTube not to include the show. 

I also think that YouTube should do much more with these awards.  I can’t believe the entire thing happened within 1 week, without much time for voting or publicity.  I think the winners were on CBS this morning, but I don’t think many people even knew about it.  In the future, YouTube should try to increase the publicity and stature of the event.

First, I would always hold the awards the week before the Oscars.  Second, I would create a nice trophy and perhaps even give some monetary award to the winners.  After all, most of the winners probably are “starving artist” types.  (I’m not sure what the winners got, other than their names posted.)  Third, I would hold a nice banquet at which the winners are announced.  YouTube should film the announcements and then create a short video for their site.    I also would increase the number of categories.  There should be a “Video of the Year,” for sure, and a category for “Best Video from a TV show/YouTube partner.”        

Why should YouTube do this?  It’s good PR for their site.  And it adds to the incentive for people to create videos for their site.  Adding prestige to the Awards will only add to YouTube’s appeal to users.