YouTube banned in Turkey

News:  A court in Turkey ordered the ban of YouTube in Turkey, apparently because some Greeks and Turkish people have been trading insults on video on YouTube.  According to the Times Online, “Greek videos reportedly accused the founding president of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, of homosexuality; a Turkish user responded by calling Greece the birthplace of homosexuality. It is illegal to criticise either Ataturk or Turkishness in Turkey and the prosecutor’s office in Istanbul acted despite YouTube’s agreement to take down the offending videos.”  Turk Telecom, a state ISP, complied with the court order and shut down access to YouTube throughout Turkey.

Analysis:  Unbelievable.

3 Responses to YouTube banned in Turkey

  1. internetman says:

    You cannot access Taiwanese sites in China by using Google… no comments ..

    If you are in France and if you say ‘There has been no genocide against Armenian’, you are sent to jail… no comments ….

    and now you are judging free speech by this article!!!…. no comments….

    Free speech seems to be defined by those who has got power, don’t you think?!

  2. Ben Densin says:

    At this moment, I’m sitting here in Izmir, Turkey, reading the post and replying. So apparently the Turkish government didn’t block access to YouTube. I’ve also watched a few videos there over the past couple of weeks. The Turks are very sensitive to insults about Ataturk. Turkey has done a lot to improve free speech in the country over the past years as part of reforms necessary to enter the European Union, but it has a ways to go yet… personally, the way the Turks feel about their founder, I would be completely shocked if they ever made it legal to insult Ataturk here. But I must agree, blocking access to YouTube doesn’t help anything.

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