The Esmee Denters interviews

March 4, 2007

News: TV stations in the Netherlands have been lining up to interview Esmee Denters. In the past week, she’s already had four interviews. She must be becoming something of a national celebrity in the Netherlands.

1. Video of Esmee Denters interview (3 minutes)

2. Video of Esmee Denters interview, with family (6 minutes)

3. Video of Esmee Denters interview, with her singing (9 minutes)

4.  Video of Esmee Denters interview, discussing her trip to US to negotiate record deals (5 minutes) 

Analysis: One of the best parts of the first 2 interviews is the behind-the-scenes look at how Esmee Denters “records” her YouTube videos. It’s quite simple: sit in front of webcam with karaoke music and hit record. That’s it. That’s what’s great about being discovered on YouTube. It’s pretty cheap.  The fourth interview talks more about Esmee’s negotiations with U.S. record labels; she hopes to secure the best deal that allows her the opportunity to write her own songs and call her own shots.  She also says that she wants to continute to post on YouTube.