The Next American Idol: Lakisha Jones

Sorry, I’ve been insanely busy this week and will be skipping my usual “Video of the Week” selection. In its place, I have my American Idol predictions.

This is a slight diversion from YouTube, but each year, I like to predict the winner of American Idol during the preliminary stage even before the 12 finalists are selected. Sometimes, I’ve picked the winner based on just the tryouts based on a standout performance in the very beginning. My record right now is 2-2. I correctly predicted the winners of Season 2 (Ruben) and 3 (Fantasia). I missed on Season 4 (Carrie Underwood) and 5 (Taylor Hicks) — although I did have them in my final 3 and my picks (Bo Bice and Katharine McPhee) did make it to the finals. (As far as Season 1, I wasn’t even watching then. Sorry, Kelly Clarkson.)

This year, I haven’t been following Idol that closely. I’ve seen everybody once, though. So here are my picks:

Top 5: Lakisha Jones (bank teller w/ Taylor Hicks energy), Blake Lewis (beat box guy), Phil Stacey (bald guy), Chris Richardson (Justin Timberlake wannabe), and Stephanie Edwards.

Top 3: Lakisha Jones, Blake Lewis, Stephanie Edwards.

Top 2: Lakisha Jones (bank teller), and Blake Lewis (beat box guy).

The Next American Idol: Lakisha Jones (bank teller). OK, I only saw Lakisha sing once, but she gave the only performance of the year of any Idol contestant that sent chills up my spine (video also available here). She reminds me of Taylor Hicks in energy and ability to leave a lasting impression. Even if she didn’t win, I will remember that one performance. Pretty mind blowingly amazing.

14 Responses to The Next American Idol: Lakisha Jones

  1. doug says:

    You can tell she had what it takes from her original audition –

  2. Mike says:

    Lakisha Jones is one of the best vocal ever in this season of American Idol.

  3. Antonette says:

    Lakisha has performed well, however, Melinda Doolittle has always responded and has shown she has the ability to step it up! I predict Miss Doolittle will emerge as the new American Idol – the best we’ve seen yet! She interviews like a kitty but comes out like a lon when it’s time to perform. Do not underestimate Miss Doolittle.

  4. Erika says:

    i think Lakshis has the best singing voice i have ever heard on american idol!!!!!!!! i would vote for anytime! i hope she wins because i bet everybody likes her except for the snoty people. (no offence to all the other people) the other people are really kind of bead. So i think lakisha jones is the best and i think she deserves to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Erika says:

    another reason why i think lakisha jones should win is she is the sweetest on the show and i like that in people! plus Simon Cowell always agrees with her singing! that is a great expiereince for lakisha! 1 more thing i hope lakisha’s daughter will be a singer after her mother when lakisha wins american idol!!! it will be like a tradition for the jones family from now on!!!!!

  6. ms. M says:

    Lakisha is the only reason I watch ‘Idol’. Her style is smooth, confident and easy. Whereas I sometimes feel nervous for the other contestants (except Miss Doolittle -she is ever so close to Lakisha), I just sit back and wait to be entertained when Lakisha strolls out on stage. I don’t care if she wins, although I pray she does, I am just pleased she is getting the exposure. Applaud applaud….

  7. Rose says:

    Lakisha is my choice. Whether she makes the final cut remains to be seen but
    she has more power and more soul in her little finger than just about anyone
    I’ve ever seen on AI. I’d buy her records in a heartbeat and a tiny confession.
    Of all the idols, I’ve never bought a single album but I think Lakisha will get
    a recording offer whether or not she becomes America’s next idol. Stephanie
    has a fine voice but there is just something about her that is off putting. I don’t
    find her songs memorable.

  8. Jane says:

    Lakisha is my favorite singer this season. She has so much boldness and sass when she sings; even if she doesn’t win, i hope she gets a contract: I can’t wait to buy her albums and see more of her performances. I like when she struts all over the stage like a songbird protecting her territory. Her voice is a melodious whining and pleading, begging the listener to hear her song. Melinda’s great, and might technically be the best singer but she seems so conservative and oprahish and this dullish personality carries on in her songs–i think my parents would appreciate her style more. Jordin is ok, but do we really need another mariah carey in the market?–mariah carey for the big girls? Blake, I think is second best. If kiki doesn’t win i hope he does. He’s the real artist this season, always coming up with some very unique interpretation of the songs.

  9. jonie says:

    Well coming from a judge of many contests…I would bet money on Malinda Doolittle, she has the knowledge, ability and sings her songs with meaning. her heart and soul is in every song. Trust me..if you are betting she is the one…no offence to Lakisha ..she is good, but she will come out on top also, but Malinda Doolittle will win American idol 2007

  10. Joe says:

    Lakisha and Melinda are good performers but Lakisha has had 2 bad weeks out of the last 3 & Melinda’s shy (I cant sing) isn’t going to last Now Jordan Has been getting better and stronger every week she is the underdog but sneeking right up to the top with a powerful voice We will see

  11. giovanna says:

    I’m from Panama, and we’re two weeks behind, however, I believe Lakisha
    should win this competition, she’s putting her soul out every week. In a way
    she’s sending a message out. Don’t matter the ups & down in life, you got
    to do, what you got to do. She’s a through Idol

  12. Melinda Doolittle did something extraordinary – she made me cry and again she made me cry whan I replayed the clp. This is not ordinary singer, folks, and no matter how good Lekeisha is, she is not Melinda. Play the clip people and enjoy something really extraordinary and exciting – perhaps the best female vocal in 25 years. Singing is about emotion and energy and feeling – and Melinda sung like her life and her soul were on the line – I havent heard anything like it since Shirley Temple. It was and is unforgetable. Play it, listen. and believe. This lady is a megastar and way above Lekiesha.

  13. Sharon Gibson says:

    I think Lakiksha Jones should have been in the semis. She has that soul stirring voice that just get the excitement roaring. I hope she gets a contract from someone, if she doesn’t already have one offered. Lakish wsill go far even though she was voted off this week. God bless you Lakisha, and your daughter. You will suceed, just wait and see.

    I think Melind will winit all though. She has never been in the bottom at all this seasopn.

    Good Luck Melinda and Lakisha.

  14. Louise7 says:

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