LisaNova makes it from YouTube to Fox’s MadTV

February 13, 2007

Awesome, another YouTube discovery.

MySpace announces audio filtering to reduce copyright infringement

February 13, 2007

News:  MySpace beat YouTube to the punch today, announcing the deployment of software tools to help copyright holders identify audio files that have been incorporated into video without authorization of the copyright holders.  The copyright holders can apparently send digital fingerprints contained in audio files to MySpace for its database; MySpace’s filtering presumably then attempts to identify video and audio files uploaded onto MySpace that contain the digital fingerprint.  Any file that does so (without authorization) will be blocked.  (More here)

Analysis: I can’t help but think this is a positive development for all interested parties.  We don’t know how well this filtering technology works yet, but it’s a start.

Web TV:YouTube in revenue sharing deal to show old TV shows

February 13, 2007

News:  YouTube agreed to revenue sharing deal with Digital Music Group to show 4,000 hours of old TV shows like “I Spy” from the Group’s library.  DMG will get a percentage of revenue from ads appearing alongside its shows.  (More here)

Analysis:  This is genius.  Not to toot my own horn, but I basically came up with the same idea last year when I was talking to a friend about all the many old TV shows that could be revived to generate more income.  This deal is just a scratch of the surface. There are so many old shows that are just collecting dust somewhere in warehouses.  Why aren’t more copyright holders trying to give these old shows a Second Life on the web?