Who got rich from the YouTube-Google deal?

February 8, 2007

News: YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley and Steve Chen each got about $325 million in Google Stock.  Jawed Karim, the 3rd cofounder who left for Stanford, got $64.6 million. (More here)

Then, the sole venture capitalist backing YouTube, Sequoia Capital, got $442 million in Google stock.  Another part of the pot went to Sequoia’s private investors, a who’s who list of elite institutions:






The families behind the Getty, Hewlitt-Packard, and Intel fortunes.

Barry Diller backs up “open,” unrestricted platform for video on YouTube

February 8, 2007

News: Media mogul Barry Diller has commented on the whole Viacom-copyright issue. I just wrote a lengthy post about YouTube’s intensifying copyright problems yesterday. Diller doesn’t think that any greater content restrictions will happen with video, but instead “everybody’s going to make everything available.” More from Investor’s Business Daily:

“Diller says such pricing and compensation issues eventually will be worked out and that online video content will be freely available. He says online video is such a potentially lucrative business that no one in the media industry wants to stop it. ‘Everybody’s going to make everything available’ when it comes to online video, he said.”

Analysis: This is exactly what I was talking about yesterday when I said video is here to stay. As Cisco CEO John Chambers said, video is the next “killer app.” That’s why many media companies want to get the piece of the action at YouTube, the leader in video–even while some complain about copyright issues. In the grand picture, even those media companies that complain about alleged copyright infringement on YouTube probably see greater financial benefit in the site (at least the potential) than any putative losses from infringement by third party users on YouTube. Diller’s comments are significant in backing the current “open” approach to video. He’s a smart businessman, so I think the smart money would be on his prediction.

Fan site promotes Mia Rose

February 8, 2007

Someone named “Fajita” has set up a YouTube account and even a blog, devoted entirely to the 18-year-old singer Mia Rose. Based on all the videos and photos, it appears that “Fajita” was a friend or acquaintance of Mia Rose. One of Fajita’s comments makes it sound like Fajita feels a bit left out in the cold, though: “Because Mia Rose shut down previous Fajita family members, there are only just a few Fajitas left.”

Esmee Denters coming to U.S. to record her music

February 8, 2007

On a blog post on January 22, I predicted “it won’t be long before Esmee [Denters] signs her first recording contract.” Well, Esmee revealed today she’s coming to the U.S. to record music with people who have worked with some great artists. She credits her success to YouTube and her subscribers.