Video of the week: Pelosi blinks before Cheney (many times) on Letterman + Colbert

January 26, 2007

“This is the kind of thing I don’t think you’ll see on any other show,” said David Letterman. He was wrong. Stephen Colbert ran the exact same joke on the same night, during the same hour, and Colbert may have been even funnier (see Colbert joke). What are the odds of that — brilliant minds think…?

More conspiracy theories about Mia Rose on YouTube

January 26, 2007

News: Rolling Stone reports about YouTube user heidilow’s assertion that the popularity of singer Mia Rose, who somehow vaulted to the No.1 Most Subscribed musician on YouTube within a month or less, was created by “dummy accounts” on YouTube. Heidilow states: “My mission in life is to expose the trooth from those liberal commies from jacking up their subscribers just to become a YouTube ‘celebrity’!”

Analysis: I love conspiracy theories. But shouldn’t we worry more about her music? Maybe YouTube can develop some anti-fraud type filtering for subscribers who appear in large numbers to be “dummy accounts.”

YouTube + Google to remain separate, but share search

January 26, 2007

News:  Google VP of Product Management Salar Kamangar announced on Google’s blog more details about the acquisition of YouTube.  Although YouTube will remain a separate company, it will integrate some of Google’s search and Ad Sense features:

“YouTube, as we’ve stated previously, will remain an independent subsidiary of Google, and will continue to operate separately. Google will support YouTube by providing access to search and monetization platforms and, when/where YouTube launches internationally, to international resources. YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen and the rest of the YouTube team will continue to innovate exciting new ways for people to “broadcast themselves.”

“Earlier this week, we announced one example of innovation in monetization and distribution with a new AdSense video test. We’ll be working with a wide set of content providers, grouping together high quality video content from providers with high quality ads and offering them as playlists which publishers can select from and display on their AdSense sites. (There’s more about the test on the AdSense blog.)”

Analysis: From a business standpoint, I like the corporate separation between YouTube and Google.  The separate identities will allow each to do what it does best.  I think it becomes harder to innovate when companies become bloated from acquisitions that are folded into one large company.

Fox obtains DMCA subpoena against YouTube

January 26, 2007

News:  The federal district court in SF issued a DMCA subpoena (under 512(h)) against YouTube to reveal information related to the user “ECOtotal,” who posted parts of the season premiere of Fox’s popular show “24,” even before the show aired.  “ECOtotal” also posted unauthorized copies of “The Simpsons.”  (More here)

Analysis: The subpoena is pretty straightforward DMCA law.  I more intrigued — and I believe Fox should be, too — by the fact that someone got a hold of (meaning stole) the premiere of “24” before it even aired.  Fox should be worried about its internal security system.