Schoolyard fight on YouTube leads to arrest

News:  Three high school girls beat up a 13 year old girl outside of a school.  The bullies pulled the girl’s hair, while she lay prone on the ground, and they punched her repeatedly.  Of course, the bullies videotaped themselves and stuck it on YouTube and MySpace.  After the video received a lot of publicity, school officials found out and notified Suffolk County police, who just arrested the three girls who beat up the other girl.  (More here)

Analysis:   I’m glad the girls got caught.  But I have mixed feelings about YouTube’s role in all this.  On the one hand, it’s definitely good that the police could use the YouTube video to identify the perpetrators of the beating.  On the other hand, I wonder whether YouTube should evaluate its own policies in allowing so many beating and fight videos up freely on its site.  I worry that teenagers and others might now be enjoying more getting into fights, so they can videotape their exploits and put them up on the web.  If you type in “girl beating girl” on YouTube, you get some 2,347 videos.   (You’d probably find some other fight videos if you type in some other search terms.) Some of these videos may not be actual fights, but I’m pretty sure that many are.

I’m not sure what the best policy for YouTube would be, but I think YouTube needs to study the issue at the very least.  In the end, maybe they need to ban all such fight videos from its site — after all, the postings on YouTube might be unintentionally promoting criminal acts.  The downside of such a ban would be that without the videos, it’s unlikely the police would ever investigate the fights.  I wonder, though, whether that’s likely to happen anyway, the Suffolk County case notwithstanding.

8 Responses to Schoolyard fight on YouTube leads to arrest

  1. nalts says:

    There are too many videos uploaded for them to review them all. But they should police “flagged” videos, and do randomized manual searches based on certain keywords.

  2. alii1959 says:

    The problem is less one of YouTube than it is one of our sick need to see others harmed. Why are we, as a group, entertained by the senseless beating of a child…even by other children? Why didn’t the parents of the children get together and bring the little buggers to justice? Why do we constantly defend our offspring, siblings, and relatives, even when we know they are wrong?? We expect others to be above that sort of thing…but, its OK for us. No matter where we live, we live in a small community that does have the ability to police itself. But, we refuse to take the responsibility. If my child had been one of the beaters, she would have been right to fear me more than the police. I cannot fathom what we have taught our children when this type of behavior isn’t as uncommon as it should be.

  3. rich macklin says:

    teenage fighting posted on your web site is absolutely fucking unbelivable, your web site should be band

  4. […] But if you can’t, there is some benefit in having a video — it’s powerful evidence that law enforcement can later use to catch and prosecute the […]

  5. rose says:

    We need prayer back in Schools. We need the presence of God in our homes, schools, the internet and everywhere.
    Proverbs 22:6 Train [a] a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

  6. owen williams says:

    New technology gives people the opportunity to be creative.Too bad there are so many mentally deranged individuals out there.

  7. fred says:

    i think that all the fights teens have been having is disguisting its not just bickering nowadays but it phsyical if you ask me too physical!

  8. […] Lastly, I am also reminded of the case where some high school girls savagely beat up a 13 year old girl outside of a school and posted it on YouTube. The posting of the video, by the perpretators, on YouTube and MySpace eventually led to the three being arrested. I am in no way advocating that the error was in them posting the video. Of course, without a doubt, it just goes without saying that the crime was in the cruel and savage assault itself. In this case, the sense of impunity and absolute disregard for others was what lead them to post the video in, possibly, wat may have amounte to bragging. A senselss act followed by an inconsequential one brought about the destruction of three very young lives. Sad indeed. (Source: […]

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