Daniela Cicarelli video — explaining herself on YouTube

The Brazilian model Daniela Cicarelli, whose sex video caused a Brazilian court to shut down YouTube in Brazil for one day, apparently explains her thoughts about what happened. I say apparently because the video is in Spanish [oops] Portuguese, and I need someone to help out with a translation. Please submit a comment if you can translate. Thanks.

UPDATE:  I’m still working on a full translation.  From press reports, Daniela Cicarelli tries to do a little bit of damage control after thousands of Brazilians were upset by the judge’s shutdown of YouTube.  Some Brazilians organized an e-mail protest against her and proposed boycotting her MTV show.  Cicarelli said she didn’t bring the lawsuit (her boyfriend, who was also in the sex video, did on his own behalf).  Unrepetant about the 1-day shutdown of YouTube in Brazil, Cicarelli explained, “I don’t have to say I’m sorry about anything because it’s not my fault. I don’t have anything to do with that request, nor with the decision.” (more here

One Response to Daniela Cicarelli video — explaining herself on YouTube

  1. David says:

    Hello, I´m Spanish and would like to help you, but this video is in Portuguese. Sorry.

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