John Edwards runs YouTube campaign

January 9, 2007

News:  In “The YouTube candidate,” John Edwards is featured on NPR for running his campaign on candid videos on YouTube.

Analysis: Can someone who witnessed Bobby Kennedy’s campaign for president tell me how similar John Edwards’ campaign looks and sounds?

Brazilian judges reverses himself, lifts ban of YouTube

January 9, 2007

News: A day after Brasil Telecom shut down YouTube from its subscribers in Brazil, in order to comply with a judge’s order in a case involving the sex video of Daniela Cicarelli, the judge has reversed himself and lifted his order to Brazilian telcoms.  San Paolo state Supreme Court Justice Zuliani said, “Preventing the dissemination of offensive, false or libelous information is not legal censorship. However, the blocking of a site could lead to speculation along those lines.”  But “the judge also warned that he could reinstate a YouTube ban in Brazil. He demanded that the service providers explain why they could not block the video alone and that YouTube explain why it could not use software to prevent the Cicarelli clip from popping back on the site.”  (More from Forbes)

Analysis: Bravo.  It’s laudable when judges are brave enough to admit their own mistakes.  The injunction was way overbroad, and caused one ISP in Brazil to completely ban YouTube from its subscribers — just for one sex video.