YouTube now unavailable in parts of Brazil because of Daniela Cicarelli sex video

January 8, 2007

News:  Reports out of Brazil that Brasil Telecom, which provides Internet access to many people in Brazil, has blocked access to YouTube on its service, in order to comply with a court order against YouTube for allowing access to a sex video of model Daniela Cicarelli.  According to one report, “While [the] judge’s press office insisted that YouTube and the telephone companies have only been ordered to filter out the video itself, the Brasil Telecom spokesman said his company received an order to block the site.”

This is the second time the case has come up in the Brazilian court system.   The first time around, YouTube had removed the sex video after a Brazilian court order, but another YouTube user later reposted another copy on YouTube.  YouTube said on Friday the offending video has been removed (again).  According to today’s report, “On Monday, YouTube was unavailable in areas served by Brasil Telecom SA from the capital of Brasilia to the Amazon, though it still worked in heavily populated Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where Internet use is heaviest.”  (More here)

Analysis:  This is quite astonishing.  Such an order couldn’t be made in the United States because it would be overbroad under the First Amendment.  Can you imagine that millions of people in Brazil are being denied access to YouTube and all of its many millions of legitimate videos, just because of one sex video.  Talk about shooting an ant with an elephant gun!  

uTunes at The Utube Blog

January 8, 2007

This week, I plan on rolling out a new feature on The Utube Blog called “uTunes.” The “u” stands for undiscovered talent, and “Tunes,” of course, means music. My basic goal is to identify some undiscovered musicians or singers on YouTube who might be worth a listen. I can’t guarantee that my music selections will ever be of the caliber of Terra Naomi, nor can I guarantee that I will be able to find that many artists who are worth your time on YouTube. (If I don’t, I just won’t post uTunes.)

But I will try my best to find some artists for you to notice. And I’m open to your suggestions, especially of artists who have posted their own original music on YouTube. Covers are OK, but original music is even better. If you’d like to recommend some unknown musicians with videos on YouTube or elsewhere, please send an email to: utunes.theutubeblog [AT] Thanks.