YouTube takes down sex video of Daniela Cicarelli — again

News: YouTube spokesperson Jaime Schopflin said that YouTube has removed (another copy of) the video of Daniela Cicarelli having sex on the beach with her boyfriend. Yesterday, a Brazilian court ordered YouTube to stop service in Brazil unless it removed all video clips of Brazilian model Daniela Cicarelli having sex on the beach. YouTube had removed the sex video before, but another copy (if not copies) resurfaced on YouTube after being uploaded by YouTube user(s). The case in Brazil reportedly will go to a 3-judge court, which will determine the extent of penalty on YouTube (up to $119,000 per day) for the period in which the video was on YouTube in spite of the lower court’s order. (More from SJ Mercury News)

Analysis: Let’s hope this puts an end to the entire affair.

Off topic, but, if you have time, check out this restaurant review:

And this interview of


4 Responses to YouTube takes down sex video of Daniela Cicarelli — again

  1. Ana Pratalli says:

    What a shame (I’m from Brazil)! 😦

  2. Blurr says:

    There are cameras everywhere to capture those intimate moments for the whole world to google at on the Net. So better apply better make-up for excellent presentation.

  3. VeNa says:

    As I’m Brazilian I’m ashamed of the decision of one of our courts. Unlikely other countries, the problem in this case is not who really did the “dirty” stuff – but who showed everyone what is wrong.
    God bless Brazil! We’ve been losing direction down here!

  4. ajay garg says:

    the decision of the Brazilian courts is been looking seem to be hitler,s order. My dear this is 2007, everybody is free here.
    I thought this video make more deemand of the Brizilian modal. She has not to be worry for that. if she shame for that she had to be think befor she don there.

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