Esmee Denters fansite purchases Google ad

January 6, 2007

News: A fansite for Esmee Denters, the 18-year-old YouTube singer from the Netherlands, has bought a Top-of-the-page sponsored link ad on Google. If you google “Esmee Denters,” you will find the “esmee zone” fansite ad at the top of the Google search.

Analysis: Astounding. Esmee Denters, although talented, is still an unsigned, amateur singer. Yet someone has already taken out a Google ad for her fansite. Now that’s wishful thinking.

Three children hang themselves after watching Saddam Hussein hanging video

January 6, 2007

News: A 10-year-old boy in Texas, a 9-year-old boy in Pakistan, and a 15 year-old girl in India all died this week — after they hanged themselves. Each had watched the Saddam Hussein hanging video. It’s not clear whether any were attempting suicide, or were merely mimicking what they saw on the video. (More from ABC News)

Analysis: In one case, the boy saw the video on the news. There’s been no suggestion that any of the children saw the video on the Internet (or YouTube for that matter). But the tragedies do raise a legitimate question about the hundreds of copies of the Hussein execution on YouTube. Even if they are flagged and restricted for users over 18, there’s no real way to verify age on YouTube.

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YouTube takes down sex video of Daniela Cicarelli — again

January 6, 2007

News: YouTube spokesperson Jaime Schopflin said that YouTube has removed (another copy of) the video of Daniela Cicarelli having sex on the beach with her boyfriend. Yesterday, a Brazilian court ordered YouTube to stop service in Brazil unless it removed all video clips of Brazilian model Daniela Cicarelli having sex on the beach. YouTube had removed the sex video before, but another copy (if not copies) resurfaced on YouTube after being uploaded by YouTube user(s). The case in Brazil reportedly will go to a 3-judge court, which will determine the extent of penalty on YouTube (up to $119,000 per day) for the period in which the video was on YouTube in spite of the lower court’s order. (More from SJ Mercury News)

Analysis: Let’s hope this puts an end to the entire affair.

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