Video of the week: Minilogue

6 Responses to Video of the week: Minilogue

  1. igle says:

    incredible!I’m going to trackback this…but it’s only a video…

  2. bluewren says:

    wow! fascinating stuff. I wonder how it is done?Incredibly clever . couldn’t take my eyes off it. How and where can one learn to do things like that?

  3. bluewren says:

    Please tell me where I can Learn to do what you have done .I ‘ve wanted for a long time to find out if anyone knew how to do just that that.:(.

  4. cuzoogle says:


  5. bluewren says:

    This was deservedly video of the week. Once again how was it done using video? Is there somewhere it can be learned.?didn’t understand all the imagery:(. procreation… and music interwoven ?)am I close? But absolutely fascinating.what does Ingle mean “but it’s only video” ! ONLY VIDEO! >:_(.!
    It is pure and simple MAGIC!

  6. Joel says:

    Totally agree!

    – don’t miss Minilogues brilliant new video “Animals” – it’s up together with the other stunning videos (including hitchhiker’s choice) at our Joostchannel, enjoy!

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