What Esmee Denters really sounds like

Esmee Denters, the YouTube singing sensation from the Netherlands, posts videos of herself singing on her low tech webcam. The sound quality on the webcam leaves a lot to be desired, so you can never really tell just how good Esmee is.

Well, now — finally!!– there are two new videos of Esmee singing parts of her original song, “Figure it out,” on professional equipment. The sound quality is worlds better. Esmee’s never had singing lessons, so just imagine her potential.

Video 1 of Esmee singing on Dutch radio

Video 2 of Esmee singing on Dutch TV

7 Responses to What Esmee Denters really sounds like

  1. Nevonio says:

    I think that Esmee is amazing. who ever heard of such an instant YouTube hit? I spend alot of my time on YouTube…I’ve never seen a post more worth seeing

  2. Tricia says:

    I totally agree with Nevonio! Her voice is just off the chart GREAT! And every single one of her videos is worth seeing. She is truly loved by the masses – And you know how brutal youtube members can be, so that is really something.

    Apparently, people have found it necessary to make remix, create tributes to, and cover Esmee’s music. I’ve seen more videos about her than videos Of her in the past few days. lol Her new video posted on Christmas day has now received nearly 1 million hits after being feature on Youtube’s front page. She’s also gained over 2,000 new subscribers in about 2 days. I find that remarkable for a song and artist that people don’t know. Her potential of becoming a worldwide superstar is just ridiculously good, and I’m waiting for Clive Davis, at RCA, to announce sometime next year that he’s signing Esmee to J-Records. Ah, wishful thinking, but… it could happen.

  3. Joe says:

    also check out the new subtitled 8 minute Esmee Dutch TV interview.(see ‘anubysath’ YouTube account).

  4. Elke says:

    I think she has a nice voice. I luv her, I could listen for hours… but I have seen a lot of people just as good as her. I could names lots. She is good, but a lot others are too!
    A friend of Esmees

  5. melody says:

    hi, i think esmees singing is amazing! i love her singing and i really want to meet her. i want to be a singer too but i think i would be way really bad and for her she was a born star . Shes pretty and she has everything i ever wanted and i think wen i grow up im going to listen to her music 24 -7 becaause i no she will be a celebertie

  6. pearo says:

    damn this girl is good

  7. Hey this is Esmee Denters! Thanks you guys for all the support. I am making a new video soon i will suprise you when it comes.

    Big Kiss Esmee xx

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