Crime and YouTube: Canadian police use YouTube

News: Hamilton police in Canada posted on YouTube security footage taken at a bar where a murder occurred, in order to have a suspect identified. The clip received tens of thousands of views. Eventually a guy turned himself in. (more from the Chronicle Herald)

Analysis: Pretty incredible — YouTube is now a law enforcement tool Will YouTube need to add a category for videos of “suspected criminals” to its menu of choices? I’m very intrigued about this use of YouTube and will be asking some of my criminal law colleagues what they think.


3 Responses to Crime and YouTube: Canadian police use YouTube

  1. I would like to applaud the Hamilton Police Services for utilizing YouTube to show the “video” and am happy in doing so, this resulted in an arrest.
    This is not a first for policing in Ontario, Canada. Yet, this is another BIG recognition of the power of the Internet.

  2. justinas says:

    Super. Im very happy that police started to use utube. Its bad for anonomity of web, but is very good for quality and responsibility.

  3. rainer says:

    video no longer available. anyone knows another source?

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