Time Magazine’s Person of the Year: You

December 17, 2006

News: YouTube didn’t win Time’s Person of the Year — you did.

Analysis: This sounds like last week’s excellent New York Times article, “2006: Brought to You by You,” which I blogged about in a post “2006: The Year of You.” Since you all won Time Magazine’s award, where do you pick up the prize? 🙂

Although YouTube did not win, Time showed the YouTube founders much love with a lengthy article about The YouTube Gurus  and nice photo spread.

Will YouTube founders be selected as Time Persons of the Year 2006?

December 17, 2006

News: Rick Stengel of Time Magazine posted a short video asking YouTubers to nominate their choices for Time Person(s) of the Year. The distinction goes to “the person or persons, who, for better or worse, have most influenced the news the past year.” Last year, Bono, and Bill and Melinda Gates won.

Of course, several YouTubers, like the guy below, have nominated the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Jarim. (The last tech people who won for their technological contributions were Jeff Bezos for Amazon in 1999 and Andy Grove for Intel in 1997. The Google guys haven’t even won yet, so if the YouTube guys win, that would be a coup. Full list of past winners here.)