Should TV networks create their own YouTube to beat Google’s YouTube?

News: The major TV networks or their parent companies reportedly (according to WSJ) are considering developing their own joint video site to compete with YouTube. Nothing’s definite yet, but at least there have been discussions.

Rick Aristotle Munarriz has doubts about such a venture’s likelihood of success, if attempted, in a wonderfully written article in the Motley Fool. One of the main criticisms is that the TV networks will have a hard time competing with truly user-created content or user-generated buzz for viral videos. The TV networks will be more of a top-down-approach, transplanting parts of their TV shows online, probably with ads that annoy users. But YouTube is more about mash-up, letting users do pretty much what their little hearts desire.

Analysis: Although I share the Motley Fool’s skepticism, I have to say that, in principle, I support the general idea of competition and letting the TV networks put out their own video website. They may be slow to the game, but they have a right to play. Let’s hope they give the fans (meaning users) something they really want.

One Response to Should TV networks create their own YouTube to beat Google’s YouTube?

  1. John says:

    I agree.. In essence, it sounds like a wonderful Idea, but mostly I say it will not succeed as they would like, as a faithful supporter of Youtube and it’s User run experience in the fact it is all user created freedom, I do not believe that a Major Network version would be close to as good.. when you think of the huge magnitude of advertizments and whatnot… and I’m sure it won’t really hurt Youtube in any way… the TV networks just want a piece of internet pie that they’re really not hip to yet…and besides… as you said, it will be mostly there content.. sure , good for recaps, and short clips.. but where’s the fun.. LONG LIVE YOUTUBE

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