The YouTube business model — is this Web 3.0 already?

December 5, 2006

News:  At the ITU Telecom conference, Cisco CEO John Chambers predicted that businesses will follow the YouTube model in facilitating and promoting user generated content.  Chambers suggested that we haven’t seen nothing yet in terms of the potential for businesses to foster user created content.   “That’s our children – wait ’til we get hold of it. We will change business models on this. In the future it will be about producing it yourself” as businesses develop technologies that serve as collaboration tools.  (More from CNET)

Analysis: This is a pretty bold statement from the CEO of Cisco.  I would love to see what Chambers says happen.  If more businesses develop technologies to promote user created content, that would be great for society.  Of course, the new technologies, whatever they are, must allow for sufficient breathing room for users to create their own stuff.  Otherwise, there’s a danger that a big business-driven environment for “user” created content will end up being nothing more than big business’s creation.

Lonelygirl15, Jessica Rose, wins VH1 “Big Web Hit” award

December 5, 2006

News:  Internet actress Jessica Rose, who plays lonelygirl15, won the “Big Web Hit of 2006” award on VH1 last night.  Jessica beat out the following competition:

1. OK Go, Here it goes again (cool treadmill video)

2. Fergie, London Bridge

Analysis:  I find it odd to be comparing music videos to a fictional movie-like vlog –they’re apples and oranges.  Given the category, lonelygirl15, no doubt, deserved the award.