Is there something wrong with YouTube WordPress?

December 1, 2006

Related to my last post, there appear to be some technical difficulties with either YouTube videos, Internet Explorer, streaming videos over the Internet, or some combination of these.

YouTube did go down for maintenance on Tuesday.  Wonder if this is related.  It’s the first time I’ve experienced a glitch in using YouTube.  If someone has the explanation, I’d love to know.

UPDATE:  I’ve emailed both WordPress and YouTube to see if they know the problem with trying to watch embedded videos on YouTube, through Internet Explorer.  WordPress just emailed me back and said they are working on the problem, which suggests the problem is with WordPress, not YouTube.  (Sorry, YouTube, for suggesting otherwise.)

In the meantime, the web browser Firefox is working fine for me and is available for free here.

Video of the week: One World

December 1, 2006

Two weeks ago, MadV put down this challenge for people to make a stand on YouTube, by videoing themselves with some message scrawled on their hand. Many people have taken up the challenge and posted their responses on YouTube. Here’s one of them:

UPDATE: Internet Explorer appears to be experiencing a problem with embedded videos. It’s fine, though, on Mozilla Firefox. So if you’re having trouble on Internet Explorer, you can either go directly to YouTube for my video of the week, or you can switch to Firefox 2.0 as your web browser. Sorry for the inconvenience (it’s not my fault).