Is Esmee Denters the next YouTube idol?

November 20, 2006

Imagine this: an 18-year-old girl in the Netherlands sitting in front of her karaoke machine and singing fearlessly into her low quality webcam. Within just two months, she’s posted 37 videos so far that have drawn over 1.5 million views on YouTube. Each video draws tens of thousands of views within the week it’s posted.

Her name is Esmee Denters (“Ez-May”), and she may well be the most talented, undiscovered singer on YouTube today. Her webcam is pretty shoddy, both in the visual and audio, but her voice is soulful and sweet. You can judge for yourself, Esmee’s latest video clip.

(All videos of Esmee Denters are here.)

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Universal Music sues MySpace for copyright infringement

November 20, 2006

News:  On Friday, Universal Music Group sued MySpace, the social networking site, for allegedly encouraging its users to share music and music videos on its site without authorization of the copyright owners.  According to the complaint, MySpace “encourages, facilitates and participates in the unauthorized reproduction, adaptation, distribution and public performance.”  (Several weeks ago, Universal reached a licensing deal with YouTube, staving off a suit against YouTube.)  (More from SFGate)

Analysis:  It’s too bad negotiations broke down between the two sides.  I don’t really follow MySpace that closely, so I have no basis to evaluate what “encouragement” MySpace might be giving to its users to use copyrighted music without authorization.  I imagine if YouTube had not struck a deal with Universal, YouTube would have been sued by Universal as well.