Truthiness report: YouTube has not turned evil

News:  Countering some of the recent anti-You Tube press reports, Charles Arthur of The Guardian restores some truth in reporting:  “The truth? YouTube hasn’t changed at all, only people’s perceptions or expectations of it. The company states in its user agreement that uploading copyrighted material is illegal, and a similar warning appears before you upload a clip. But of course, fewer than 1% of its users upload anything. No wonder they don’t know. ”

Analysis:  One thing I’ve learned over the past month in reading dozens and dozens of news articles about YouTube:  there’s a lot of questionable, if not downright bad, “journalism” out there.  Legal issues are often reported with a very thin understanding of the law, while a good number of articles tend to accentuate whatever can generate readers — that typically means something bad or dramatic.  I hate to sound like some radical or curmudgeon, but it’s sometimes hard to find good journalism in the media.  That’s why I think this whole blogging phenomenon has taken hold.

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