Stephen Colbert jokes about royalties YouTube owes him

October 15, 2006

Stephen Colbert was elated upon hearing the news of Google’s acquisition of YouTube.  This video is hilarious!

The founding of YouTube

October 15, 2006

News:  The Chicago Tribune’s David Greising has an excellent recounting of YouTube, starting with its founding.  The story is already well known:  the three founders were searching for a way to share video taken at a party of fellow Pay Pal employees.  The Utube Blog discussed it here.  But the Tribune article is well worth reading:

“In February 2005, Chen hosted the dinner party that would change his life and also make Internet history.  Chen and his friends spent much of the party shooting videos and digital photos of each other. They easily uploaded the photos to the Web. But the videos? Not a chance.

“Chen, Hurley and Karim had stumbled across a crying need. And between them, they had the means to address it. Chen and Karim were exceptional code writers, and Hurley’s gift for design could give a new Web site a compelling look.

“Hurley, who had left PayPal, turned over his Menlo Park garage to Chen and Karim, who worked there during breaks from their PayPal jobs. By May, they had solved a vexing problem: How to let computer users view videos from their Web browsers without downloading special software.

“In the first YouTube video, an 18-second clip posted April 23, 2005, Karim stood before elephants at a zoo. ‘The cool thing about these guys is that they have really, really, really long trunks,’ Karim says. ‘And that’s cool. And that’s pretty much all.’

“With that breakthrough, YouTube was born.”

First YouTube video

At which Denny’s did YouTube-Google meet?–question finally answered

October 15, 2006

News:  I’ve received several commenters asking for more information about the Denny’s where the historic meeting between YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steven Chen and Google founder Larry Page and CEO Eric Schmidt.  Based on a NYT article today, I’ve finally figured out it was the Denny’s on Broadway in Redwood City (map here). 

Analysis:  Somewhat ironically, I used to live down the street from this Denny’s!  And I can tell you that I’ve eaten there several times and never once saw any business-type ever in that restaurant.  The manager was not lying when he told NYT, “We generally get families here, lots of families, husbands and wives and their kids.”  But the location does make sense in at least one way, it’s sort of halfway between YouTube in San Bruno and Google in Redwood City, and conveniently located right off of 101.

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