It’s official: YouTube is changing offices

October 6, 2006

News:  YouTube is moving.  And, no, it’s not to Google.  YouTube announced it will be moving from its current office above a pizzeria in San Mateo to some new office.  The old offices had rats, as this YouTube video shows:

By the way, here’s how hard YouTube employees are working:

Will Google buy YouTube?

October 6, 2006

News:  The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is in discusion with YouTube to buy out the young video company for $1.6 billion.  The WSJ attributes the source as a “person familiar with the matter,” but that the discussions are still “sensitive” and “could well break off.”

Analysis:  The thoughts of Google buying YouTube are downright dizzying.  With a war chest like Google’s, YouTube would be pretty much set for life.  Although some copyright holders might see this as bringing in an even “deeper pocket” with Google, the sword cuts both ways.  Google can hire the best copyright lawyers and finance any litigation all the way to the Supreme Court.  For example, with the copyright lawsuit over the Google Book Search, Google has shown no signs of backing down.

Is YouTube screening out conservative videos?

October 6, 2006

News:  New York Times writer Virginia Heffernan writes on her wonderful Screens blog about an allegation by Michelle Malkin that YouTube may have removed one of her videos from YouTube because of Malkin’s politically conservative views.

Analysis:  I haven’t seen the video of Malkin’s that was removed, so I have no way to evaluate her allegation.  Generally, though, I’m not into conspiracy theories, so I find it hard to believe that YouTube — with only 60 employees who are scrambling for their busy lives — has some left-wing conspiracy going on. 

Malkin’s current video above is pretty slick, I should add, and I enjoyed watching it.