Advertisers debate “pre-roll” ads on videos

News:  Brian Steinberg writes in the Wall Street Journal about the debate among advertisers about including “pre-roll” ads — usually 30 or 15 second ads at the beginning of clips that can’t be skipped — in videos.  Both YouTube and Google have a policy against pre-roll ads because the ads may annoy many of their users.

Steinberg writes:  “To pre-roll or not to pre-roll? It is a rising debate on Madison Avenue and in the Internet community. As video Web advertising starts to take off, pre-roll spots are an increasing source of ad dollars for Web sites that accept them. But by running the spots, sites run the risk of losing viewers to pre-roll-free rivals.”

Analysis:  I always tune out when a “pre-roll” ad comes on.  I find them pretty annoying, but I understand why some advertisers want them in.  At the same time, it would be a real bummer if every single video clip on the Internet were shackled with a pre-roll ad. Maybe the norm should be no pre-roll ads, but if you want a pre-roll, you should be asked to pay huge sums of money for it.

One Response to Advertisers debate “pre-roll” ads on videos

  1. the only problem a pre-roll has is, is it any good.? if the ads good, creative, and is permissionable then I’m in, its not brain surgery…..Bainbridge

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