Free Hug Guy and Sick Puppies on YouTube

News:  In Sydney, Australia, a guy named Juan Mann goes around the Pitt Street mall with a sign saying “Free Hugs.”  It may sound a little wacky, but apparently it became a small hit until reportedly police shut it down.  Mann organized a petition getting the necessary 10,000 signatures to continue the dispensing of free hugs to the public. 

This week, a video of the hug fest was posted on YouTube and it quickly became a huge sensation.  As of 10 a.m. today, the video had 849,691 hits and 6,149 comments. Yesterday, it was even shown on Good Morning, America.  The clip is quite slick, and synched with music from the band Sick Puppies, who authorized the use (to promote their music?).  (More from the Sydney Morning Herald

Analysis:  At first, the “Free Hug” guy sounded a little creepy to me.  After watching the video, though, I was won over.  First, it’s a slick production and that always help.  Second, when you see the interaction of the guy with all these different strangers who appear to be happy hugging with smiles on their faces, that can’t be a bad thing.  Of course, I’m assuming that what’s on the video is all a true story!

12 Responses to Free Hug Guy and Sick Puppies on YouTube

  1. alexjenka says:

    we need more hugs in this world…very touching, the simple things in life are most rewarding.

  2. Ron says:

    I think is one of the most awesome vids I dont care if its a true story I feel its the feeling that is shown by others that counts not the story
    Wish I had been there to see the looks after people had hugged as well lets all hug someone today !!!!!!

  3. Christy says:

    Wonderfull the way a Hug can brighten ones day:) Lets all go out and Hug a stranger today……..Make the world a Happier place 🙂

  4. Cheryl says:

    What a beautiful message. Unfortunately, our society walks on egg shells and is conditioned to fear almost anything out of the ordinary and routine these days. It’s sad to say but “free hugs” are out of the ordinary. I agree that whether it’s true or not, it sends a POWERFUL message. We all need to take time to hug someone we don’t know. Some people need to concentrate on hugging people they do know, those they love! What a lovely, bright spot to my day!

  5. Susan says:

    That’s one of the most touching videos I’ve seen in a long time. Brought tears to my eyes just to think that people consider a hug such an invasion of space. Remember the movie Pay It Forward?…

  6. belle says:

    I could use a hug today. I wish he were here in my home town. What is all the fuss about. It made me happy watching the video. There should be more people out there like this young man.

  7. Marita says:

    There just be free hugs in all towns. There are alot of lonely people out there who could use a hug now & then!

  8. In a world where e-mail has become the main way of connecting, a simple hug — something so warm and tender — is something that all of us are starving for. I am so happy to see that someone took a stand for something we all need every day. I encourage everyone who reads this e-mail to go out and hug 10 people… it’s amazing the miracles you will create!!!

    Let’s pay it forward!!!


  9. Thuy Hang says:

    What Juan mann has done has deeply touched thousands of people ! We read the message, we watched the video , and we tend to share it with all people we have known … Even i’m from a remote Asian country . I watched the video many times , downloaded the song then taught all my grown- up students in my English class the song with my own comments , translate the message of the song to Vietnamese with all my heart . I think It’s time to share our warm hug with lonely , pitiful hearts . When watching the video . i also wish i “were ” there … to be the receiver and the taker of hugs as well …
    Thousands of thanks to Juan mann and The Sick Puppies , who opened a new page of humanity for all of us

  10. Flyinfox_SATX says:

    This is great! Is there any way that the courts will listen to an e-signature from around the world? If not, get me that piece of paper…I’ll sign it!


  11. Amanda says:

    I just wanted to thank the ‘Free Hugs’ guy, the video made my heart warm, if only we could all take a little time to give some love. You have made a profound effect on my life in making me realise what just one person can do. Thank you.

  12. Michelle says:

    Photographing a Wedding in Downtown Toronto Dec 29th, 2008 we ran across 10 young people with “free hugs” signs! They hugged our Bride and Groom! Highlight of our day!

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